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dredger6The Power Dredging unit can be used for dredging, as a water pump or as a (wet) sand pump. With the dredging pump you can clear deep waterholes and spread the mud directly or pump it into a tank wagon. You can also connect a pipe so that the mud can be pumped for several miles to a storage or dump.

The PD3000 powerdredging  pump can clean waterholes rapidly.
 All dirt such as pieces of wood, swamp, water plants etc.  which goes threw the pump will be reduced tiny, what has a large advantage for a quick recovery of flora and fauna.

The pump is able to  pump very heavy material without damaging the bottom of the waterholes.
This pump can also cope with pollution such as wood or an occasional piece of rock.
Due to the patented pump system the pump is uniquely suitable for both small and large dredging jobs. This pump can pump until 47% dry material with a capacity of 600 m3 an hour depending on the circumstances and the kind of material which need to be pumped.

You can reach a large capacity or pump volumes with the PD3000 pump in all circumstances.
Also it is possible to connect the PD3000 pump to a small excavator so that you can clean small area's.

The dredging pump with its waste pipe is quick and easy to mount and dismount.

Hydraulic working pressure Min.

3190 PSI

Hydraulic working pressure Max..

5076 PSI

Hydraulic discharge Min.

160 Litre per minute

Hydraulic discharge Min.

220 Litre per minute

Return pressure hydraulic engine Min.

435 PSI

Return pressure leakage pipe Max.

29 PSI

Capacity *

800 cubic metres per hour

Maximum Dry substance





750 Kg / 1,650 lb.

* This information is dependent on the material to be pumped, as well as the diameter of the drainpipe / hose.


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