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“SGC Attachments” Featuring Seven Premium Line Excavator Mulchers

Excavator Mulchers,  since 1989

Nine different model sizes to fit excavators from 1.5 to 40 tonnes.

Capable of producing Category I /  Classe I Mulch(TM)  to meet the most demanding mulching specifications.

Seven E series Mulcher


  • Seven Premium Line E Series Excavator Mulchers feature a large diameter rotor with a close ratio hammer configuration, resulting in long hammer life, increased grinding capacity and the production of fine  Category I / Classe I mulch.  (see chart)  A fine mulch gives good ground cover and returns to nature quickly.
  • For long machine life the Seven Premium Line E Series Excavator Mulcher features oversize, externaly mounted roller bearings on the main shaft, a welded body of domex S 700 high strength steel, and skid pads made from 3/4" (20 mm) Hardox  Seven Premium Line450 wear resisant steel giving the mulcher a long and productive life in the toughest of conditions. a hydraulically controled gate ensures safe operation: gate is open for cutting and closed for mulching.

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rotocrusher-deep-heading Rotocrusher Deep & Rotocrusher Super Mulcher  rotologo

The Roto Crusher can be used for:

  • reclaiming uncultivable stony and rocky lands and bushes
  • reclaiming soils for vineyards, orchards, vegetables
  • repairing country roads, asphalts, anti-fire roads for woods
  • milling stumps
  • preparing service area
  • crushing material from demolition]
  • Oilfield right of ways                                          Learn More


awjawAwJaw Bucket Jaw Crusher

The AWesome excavator-mounted bucket JAW crusher for crushing / pulverizing of rock,* concrete, slabs, blocks, bricks, etc..


Crush material on site or while loading a truck.  Eliminates using a stationary crusher and extra handling. For more information. Pulverized concrete right at the site or while loading a truck. Control determines size of finished material. Learn More

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